Multidisciplinary Designer & Illustrator

Howdy! I'm Kimchi Lee

multidisciplinary designer who loves to

create playful messes

Howdy! I'm
Kimchi Lee
multidisciplinary designer who loves tocreate playful messes

Slinkee Typeface


Slinkee is a playful and bouncy typeface, made during an exploration of a completely different idea. Its design is meant to evoke the movement of the childhood favourite slinky toy, as it stretches out and closes back in.

Noveaulab Corporation


Under a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, managers and researchers with more than 40 years experience combined, Noveaulab was established to improve the lives of the Filipino people through science and research. 

Perfectly Tea


Perfectly Tea is a tea blend selection that’s designed to empower women to become the best versions of themselves.



FlyBuds is a Cannabis delivery service that allows customers to order marijuana products, and have them delivered straight to their doorstep on the same day.

Quezon Typeface


A humanist typeface named after the “Father of the Filipino Language”, inspired by a mixture of art deco, the ancient Filipino script “Baybayin”, and the old buildings of Metro Manila still standing today. 

Imagine Tomorrow


Imagine Tomorrow’s mission is to use the resilience that dogs inspire to encourage others to imagine a world where people can find the community and strength they need, spreading the word one bowtie at a time.

Metro Dental


One of the leading dental chains in the Philippines, Metro Dental was given a fresh coat of paint to better distinguish itself from its competitors and to be positioned as your friendly neighborhood dentist.

Velvet Skincare


Velvet is one of the newest independent skincare brands in New York, taking a fact-based yet flirty approach to skincare to keep you looking and feeling fabulous.

Hound Haven


After devoting their whole lives to serving and protecting, Hound Haven aims to give our military dogs a new chance at life as they retire. 

Ayala Malls U.P. Town Centre - Work of Heart


A creative collaboration between U.P. Town Center and local artists for COVID-19 relief efforts. People would have their portraits digitally rendered by featured artists, with proceeds going Project Kaagapay – a fundraising initiative to provide PPE sets & ventilators for the healthcare community.


Tara allocates resources by providing access to pre-screened and on-demand engineering resources, managed by a smart platform.